Our center, „La Nazarena“ in Florencio Varela / Buenos Aires, is strategically located in numerous and diverse neighborhoods with social vulnerability. The center’s mission is to respond to and support the educational, health, and employment needs of these communities.
In the area of education, this year, we have added the possibility for students over 18 to prepare themselves in our center and take their last subjects so that they can graduate from high school and have access to more promising possibilities for their future.
In the area of work, we are making significant strides. Courses are offered in gastronomy, hairdressing, barbering, computers and programming, so that students can start their own businesses and have access to decent employment. At this time, 14 courses with a total of 210 students have been completed and another one is starting, a clear sign of our progress and the growing opportunities we are creating.
In the area of health, La Nazarena has a group of volunteer medical professionals who conduct regular health screenings and vaccination days. We are currently raising money to purchase vitamin supplements and medicines for our children, as most of them suffer from respiratory infections and weakened immune systems due to poor nutrition and the release of gases from the open dumps.

Give young a chance in the future!

We help because we believe. Help with us!

As the mission center of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, we support many projects of our community in every continent. Our sisters in the local areas have close and direct contact with the people. With your help, we can make an even greater difference than we have been able to in the past. Concrete, transparent, loving.

Our current projects

Personal comments

„Our reality is difficult, but the support we find at the Center helps us to face the problems we have and get the necessary tools to achieve our goals.“

„I am happy that I grew up in the Schoenstatt Youth. There I learned how to educate myself.“

„Why do I keep coming back? It’s the joy I feel when I see new girls come to winter camp and they get to experience what I experienced. I love reading the letters at the end to see how I have impacted the girls‘ lives. I want them to think of me as a sister and not a leader.“

„I get to learn to crochet and knit on Wednesdays and I’ve already made a few things. I use them to make everyone in our family happy at Christmas.“

„When the monthly package was delivered, the father of the family told us that they hadn’t eaten in two days!“

„You can see how happy the children are to be able to go to the daycare center every day and find a pleasant place to play and be together with their friends.“

„I thank Raio de Sol for being part of my childhood and helping me to become who I am today.“